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3 industries can benefit from Spherical Roller Bearings

Jan. 06, 2017

If youre an engineer in the continuous casting, material handling, or oil & gas industries, you know the bearings you choose must be able to handle extreme conditions, keep your equipment as productive as possible, and deliver optimal performance.

Spherical roller bearings can withstand the most demanding conditions and applications where severe misalignment exists, whether from mounting or shaft deflection. They are self-aligning in the outer ring based upon the curvature of the raceway and rolling element, allowing full capacity loading despite shaft deflection.

Spherical roller bearings

Image of steel mill bearings in action. Contact about spherical roller bearings.

Spherical Roller Bearings are dimensionally stable and wear resistant.

Spherical roller bearings maintain dimensional stability and resist wear even in the face of constant vibration, misalignment, and shock loads. They are designed to accommodate heavy radial loads, as well as moderate axial loads in both directions. Low- to medium-speed applications are optimal when integrating the spherical roller bearing into your product solution.

Whether you need steel mill bearings, material handling bearings, or oil and gas bearings, spherical roller bearing may be your solution. Contact us online to talk to one of our experts today about your industry's bearing needs.