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The reason of deep groove ball bearing corrosion

Jul. 11, 2017

In many cases, bearing occurs corrosion, the reasons of resulting in corrosion are various. The most common in our daily lives are the following main factors.

 deep groove ball bearings

1. Due to poor sealing, which is deviced by water, dirt and other invasive.

2. Deep groove ball bearing is not using in long-term, even more than rust-proof period. Which lack of maintenance.

3. The metal surface roughness is bigger.

4. Contact with corrosive chemical media, bearing cleaning is not clean, the surface dirt contaminated, or contact with the sweat hand bearing, bearing cleaning, not timely packaging or installation, long-term exposure to air, by air moisture invasion and Contamination

5. Ambient temperature and humidity and exposure to various environmental media; rust inhibitor failure or quality does not meet the requirements.

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